In fall 2020, the last thing we all needed was another Zoom call. Then, the Laboratory for Global Performance & Politics put out a call for proposals that was too intriguing to pass up. Two Georgetown students, Alyssa Kardos and Renny Simone, launched the inaugural Student Lab Fellows program. They…

by Devika Ranjan

The bird flew away despite the warnings; he had had a cough since morning and his temperature was rising. “You must stay in quarantine!” The others chirped behind him. He ignored them and ruffled his feathers. Patient Zero my ass, he thought. I need to see the…

by Devika Ranjan


over the meadows and through the woods

to grandmother’s house

to uncle’s house

to anyone’s house

and then to the school

and then to the berm

where we wait to cross and wait to cross and

hot cross buns

one a penny two a penny

we could…

Inspired by the Surrealists’ pastime le cadavre exquis, this writing game can unlock a willingness to improvise in the unknown.

What started as a parlour game among visual artists (see an example, above, created by…

The basic idea: a group of people write a collective story, but each author contributes without knowing what the others have written.

How to play:

When this game is played…

Por Manuel Francisco Viveros

Es sabido que la tecnología ha sido una herramienta trascendental para el desarrollo de la humanidad. Es imposible hablar del mejoramiento de la calidad de vida a lo largo de la historia sin aceptar que el uso de las tecnologías, de acuerdo a cada tiempo, han…

A response to Nawar Bulbul’s reimagining of Romeo and Juliet, performed simultaneously in Homs and Amman, with the star cross’d lovers connecting via Skype. Article By Lab Fellow Reem Alsayyah.

Romeo and Tybalt duel with their crutches.

I was in Jordan when I saw this unforgettable play. When we first arrived, it seemed just like a normal…

The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics

Harnessing the power of performance to humanize global politics. Website:

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